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Beginner classes will take you through the very essential basics of badminton. Classes will include introduction to the following:

  • The rules and court lines
  • How to grip the racket
  • Footwork to move efficiently on the court
  • Proper technique and form for the overhead and underhand swing
  • The different types of shots that are used in the game.

Intermediate classes will take you one step further in your game. The learning process continues, however more emphasis is placed on skills and practice of the basics learned from beginner class. The typical intermediate class will consist of the following:

  • Footwork drills
  • One on one shot drills
  • Coordination of footwork and shots in pattern drills
  • Introduction to physical conditioning

Advance classes takes you on the final phase of classes. In this class everything learned from the previous classes are combined and the big picture is seen.This class would normally involve the following:

  • Coordination drills incorporating footwork with shots and adding randomness to simulate a real game
  • Court coverage and doubles rotation
  • Strategy and evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of you and your opponant
  • Advance physical training for optimum play

Scheduling and pricing

Scheduling and pricing for each location varies from class to class. Call us or drop in to inquire.